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Join us for a full day of Art Journaling!

Play, Exploration & Discovery!

Saturday July 22nd, 2017 in lovely Portland, OR

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If you can not cover the full cost we have a payment plan option through PayPal. You can pay $62.50 (half the cost) today to save your spot. Your second and final payment of $62.50 must be received at least two weeks before the workshop date. You will receive a reminder to pay final payment via email. Payment must be received in full to attend workshop. If this is the best option for you, please use the form at the bottom of the page and request a partial payment invoice.

Creative Exploration Through Art Journaling

A Playshop to stretch your Imagination!

Lead by artists and friends: Alicia Schultz, Consu Tolosa, Lily Uoka

DATE: Saturday July 22nd, 2017

TIME: 10am-5:30pm

LOCATION: A magical, twinkling art studio in beautiful NE Portland, OR. You will receive a confirmation email with the exact address upon purchase.

PRICE: $125

Twinkling studio!

Twinkling studio!

MEALS: Delightful snacks and healthy lunch will be provided along with a variety of teas, coffee, and filtered water.

We love our snacks!

We love our snacks!


No prior art experience is required to attend; this workshop is inclusive to all levels. If you are curious and willing to let your inner creative play, you already have what it takes to have a blast in this class!

Once you sign-up for the workshop, you will receive an email with details on schedule, supplies to pack, and studio address within 2-3 days. If you have any questions please fill out the form at the bottom of the page or send an email to

There are no refunds for this event, however your space is transferable to a friend if you are unable to attend.


  • A full day of art journaling play with 3 guides sharing their unique approaches and lots of tips and tricks to help you enhance your own visual journaling practice & enjoyment!

  • Tasty snacks, tea, coffee, and filtered water during the workshop

  • Fresh and healthy lunch provided

  • Creative goodie bags

  • All workshop attendees will be entered to win one of 3 Pieces of Original artwork created by your guides.


  • Each guide will offer one hands-on art demo to share techniques and a different art journaling approach.

  • Guided reflective writing exercises specifically designed to lead you to connection and self discovery.

  • Plenty of time to play and try out new mark and texture making tools.

  • Smaller group breakouts for more intimate learning and a closer look at techniques, tips, and tricks.

  • We will go over various techniques for intuitive art journaling, collaging, transforming images, working with limited time and supplies.

Keeping it silly!

Keeping it silly!


Most of the materials like brushes, paints, water cups, palettes, and various papers will be provided. If you are feeling really daring and curious to see what happens when you don’t have a bunch of your supplies, bring nothing but a journal that you want to work in. If you want to bring supplies please bring the following:

  • A handful of your favorite acrylic paints (any brand will do)

  • A journal (any size will work fine, try to find mixed media or fairly strong paper that doesn’t rip easily)

  • Collage materials (i.e. clippings from magazines, photos, found papers, meaningful imagery)

  • Scissors (if you are flying and unable to bring we will have a few available to share)

  • Optional: apron, any other art journaling or painting, drawing supplies you love

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meet your guides!


Alicia Schultz

Alicia Schultz has been dabbling in art journaling for a very long time -- hints of it can even reach back to her high school days when she’d cut pictures from magazines to glue in her journals. In the past few years, she has spent more time freely creating art in art journals and embracing and developing her practice of art journaling. Being a mama of two under 5, her time is limited for making art, and this is where art journaling has stepped in as a solution. Even when time is short (& sometimes creativity feels lacking), she uses art journaling as a way to release her creative energy and explore art, creativity, life and herself. Alicia is a Portland-based artist who also enjoys hand lettering, designing stationery, painting, drawing, and taking photographs. You can find her on Instagram @vineandthistle

Consu Tolosa

Consu Tolosa is a painter, illustrator and avid visual journaler from Montevideo, Uruguay, now living in Portland, OR.
Her formal training is as an art therapist, and part of the week still involves working with clients in her private practice.
Consu's favorite art journals are old books that she brings back to life using paint, collage and drawing utensils. Altering books and turning them into journals feels at once naughty (do you ever desecrate a book?!?) and merciful (go from bad book to great art!).
In workshops, retreats, and small art therapy groups Consu feels privileged to observe the healing power of art-making in action.
Check out Consu's Art Adventures on Instagram @consutolosa

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
— Thomas Merton

Lily Uoka

Lily Uoka has always found self-expression through the arts to be a healing experience--be it dancing, singing, filming… but it wasn’t until recent years that she truly trusted her artistic voice while participating in a number of painting e-courses and workshops. She believes art journaling is a free space to let the subconscious mind wonder, a place to break the rules and try things out! With limited space and supplies, Lily has discovered art journaling to be the quickest and most affordable way to add a bit of creative play into her often all-over-the-place lifestyle. She prefers not to restrict herself and allows art journaling to be both a spiritual practice to go deeply inward or simply a place to try new paint colors and mark marking techniques. Lily looks forward to holding the space for your inner child to play and your imagination to wonder! Find her on Instagram @lilyuoka

Three Guides, Three Approaches:


There are many reasons someone might hesitate to create an art journal: don’t know how to create it the “right” way, short on time, short on supplies, feeling too precious about your journal, creative block… whatever it is, Alicia has found a way to let those reasons go and move forward with creating.

Alicia will show you how to create a mini handmade art journal. She has tips for what to do when time is short and creativity feels low. Through many layers of freely creating, Alicia follows her intuition and enjoys seeing where it takes her in her art journal. She will give you tips for how she art journals when she’s short on time, supplies, and even creativity.



How many sides does a Self have?

What are all the roles that make YOU, who you are?

What are the gifts and the challenges that these parts present you?

Which ones do you embrace?

Which ones do you reject?

These are some of the questions I have been exploring in my visual journals in the last few months. Using the idea of archetypes and creative play, I have made contact with different parts of who I am. This visual play guided me to valuable insights, helped me make internal connections and lead me to experience healing and relief.

My offering for our gathering combines art play with reflection and self discovery. You will receive a template to guide you in making contact with the many aspects of who you are. An overview of the process I have used to engage these questions and the creative process. I really believe that art does save lives, and it makes it a whole lot more interesting to discover ourselves. I can't wait to share my process with you.



I’ve always had a strong imagination and have harnessed that strength to visualize and manifest many opportunities in my life. This workshop feels like one of them! I love creating in my art journal as a sacred space to manifest my dreams. I often use it as a place to write sweet notes to myself, quotes and positive affirmations. There truly is power in writing down your desires.

I’ve come up with a simple and fun way to add a secret pocket for these love notes and quotes. I’m also a collage addict so I’ll show you a fast way to collage your heart out. You’ll get the tools to make a beautiful patch work spread with a hidden message to open when you need a little encouragement. The great thing about this is you don’t need many supplies and it adds a bit of dimension to your journal! So think about what you want to remind yourself or what you want to bring forth in the coming months and we’ll add various words, images, and lots of good feelings into our journals!

What will you discover?

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